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Lucifer’s Hammer

Book Review: Lucifer's Hammer
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Lucifer’s Hammer is a classic in prepper fiction – The plot of the book contains several interesting twists that are useful to begin a prepper conversation. For instance – if you have a BOL (Bug Out Location – aka cabin in the woods) what would you do if you arrived during a disaster to find it was occupied?

In this book the catastrophe was a comet striking the earth. While unlikely, it is plausible. There really isn’t anything in this book that is outside the realm of possibility – which is rare in science fiction…

Good read, I enjoyed it. It might be a good book to pass on to those you care about that don’t care about prepping – it may just let them realize how much you care for them and are looking out for their well being.

I am dealing with one of the issues in Lucifer’s hammer now.  I have a guy that is living on my Bug Out location with the agreement that he works on the land as a payment for rent, and I supply the livestock and seed and he tends to them and produces his own food so that in the event of a disaster we are already up and running, but he has decided he doesn’t have time to do the work – which is almost as bad as taking it away when it is needed.

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