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How to Add a Lumbersmith Sawmill Handlebar


 Lumbersmith Sawmill Handlebar
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In this post I add a Lumbersmith Sawmill Handlebar to my portable bandsaw.  I did this because it makes it easier to get a constant pressure on the bandsaw and because I think it is a little safer because I am farther from the blade.

The push bar was purchased from the lumbersmith site and was pretty pleased with the idea and the quality of construction.

I was not totally happy because their was a manufacturer defect.

The push bar was supposed to be swaged so it could push into the arms of the bar.  The one I got was not swaged so the three pieces of the bar would not fit together.

The company was nice about it and offered me two choices:

  • Send it back and they would fix it
  • I could fix it myself and they would send me some blades.

Obviously, I took the blades.

I fixed the problem by using a wooden dowel to connect the two tubes.  Next, I applied the universal prepper fix of some judiciously applied duct tape.  I have not had a problem since.


After using this for some time (about 3 Years) This handlebar was a good purchase.  It makes it much easier to cut wood and move the mill around.

I think that this particular model is not really the focus of the lumbersmith company.  From looking at their site, it seems like they have designed a better model that is a little different.


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