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How to Set Up a Lumbersmith Sawmill Track


How to Set Up a Lumbersmith Sawmill Track
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This is a video setting up my Lumbersmith Sawmill Track.  The sawmill comes with a manual that shows you how to build the suggested track.  You can also download the PDF from the lumbersmith website.

The manual does a good job of telling you why certain things are needed, but it also tell you that you do not have to use the track plans provided.

I have build a couple versions of this track experimenting.

I wanted something portable, but also something that could cut really long beams and I was planning on squaring up the pine trees I have to cut at the land and turning them into 20 and 40 foot beams to make a 20×40 log cabin using the butt and pass system.

As you can imagine, a portable track made from 2×4 lumber that is to hold a 40 foot log is not an easy thing.

In the end I decided that a much more usable system would be to cut boards no longer than 10 foot.

I also decided to make a portable system using a boat trailer and maybe build a more permanent track system at the land later.

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