How to Prevent Your Macbook Cord From Breaking


How to Prevent Your Macbook Cord From Breaking
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Apple products have an almost cult-like following – and in most cases the quality control is deserving of admiration.

However there is one area that apple gets wrong.  The power cords fail on a regular basis, cost nearly $100 each, and apple holds a patent on them and zealously guards it so when the cord breaks you have to spend $100 to keep the $2000 macbook from turning into a brick.

The best way to keep from having to buy new cords is by preventing your macbook cord from breaking.

I prevent cord breakage by supporting wear points on the ends

I have tried tape, but it does not last long, so this time I started using sugru to build up the area around the magnetic connector.  This prevents macbook cord breakage by keeping the cord from flexing at its most vulnerable spot.

Watch the video above to see exactly how the sugru was used.  In this post I used a homemade sugru style silicone to make these modifications, but real sugru would work just as good (if not better).  I used the homemade kind because it was cheaper and I did not have to order it.

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