How to Make Your Own Gun Cleaning Kit

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How to Make Your Own Gun Cleaning Kit

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If you care for your things, you surely want them to look good and last long. Your gun might be one of those timeless objects, but it requires quite a lot of attention. If you recently bought a gun, there are plenty maintenance lessons to learn.

One of them is getting a proper gun cleaning kit. As you just made a significant investment, you might want to spare some money.

Building your own cleaning kit is a cheap and efficient alternative. Here are some basic tips that will help you get it done.

What Does a Traditional Kit Contain?

First, we need to find out what exactly you need to put include in your gun cleaning kit. The items below are always present in kits you can purchase from specialized shops and online:

  • Patches: it’s recommendable to opt for cotton pieces which are more efficient
  • Lubricant or gun oil: this is used to lubricate the receiver components. A gun’s longevity depends on how you lubricate it. After buying a gun, make sure you read all the manufacturer’s instructions relating to lubrication. It is also important to purchase the specific products that are suitable for your weapon.
  • Solvent to clean your gun: solvents are used to dissolve and remove the carbon and metal deposits in the bore. There’s a wide range of solvents on the market. Try to pick one that is less toxic and an ammonia-free (this substance is harmful to the steel barrels).
  • Brushes: they have to match the size of the gun’s bore. The can be made from:
    • Nylon
    • Brass
    • Plastic

If you own a rifle is better to go for a brass or a plastic brush. Be careful not to leave the brass brushes in a solvent for too long, it causes damage.

  • Cloth: cleaning your gun with a microfiber cloth will make it look shiny and faultless.
  • Cleaning rod: this item is essential for effective gun cleaning. It enables you to reach the parts of the gun you can’t clean by hand. The rod also has to go along with the size of the bore. There are various types of cleaning rods, if you are new at this, ask advice before purchasing one.
  • Cleaning pad: Be cautious. Prevent solvent from leaking on your carpet or couch using a pad.

How to Build Your Own Kit?

If you are passionate about gunsmith tools, building your own kit will be a piece of cake. Let’s focus now on making it yourself. You don’t have to buy all that stuff to clean your gun.

Your kit must be provided with the necessary containers to accommodate all the useful items. If you can sew, it’s great to make a custom size container out of an old piece of leather. After you’re done. Let’s see how you can fill it in. Some cleaning items can be replaced with handmade options:

  • The rod: instead of buying one you can replace it with a piece of string. This will be pulled through the bore along with the patches. You can easily clean most firearms using this improvisation. You just need a string that’s thin enough to go through the barrel.
  • The brush: this is one of your kit’s elements that can be replaced with other household objects. If you need a nylon brush for your gun, you might as well use an old toothbrush. You can cut it down to reduce its size and make it fit into the kit.
  • Cotton swabs: you definitely have these things around the house. They are useful in cleaning the narrow spots of the gun that can’t be reached by hand. Put them together in a plastic bag or an old container and include them in your homemade
  • The patches: These items can’t miss from your gun cleaning kit. You have plenty object at home that can provide you the right material to make your own You could use old clothes or kitchen towels. Choose cotton items and mind the size of the gun before you start cutting them. Smaller bores require small thin patches and wider bores need thicker, larger pieces.
  • The bore cleaner: you have to use a material that won’t wear off too quickly. You can choose a strong nylon thread. Measure its length according to the barrel of your gun. Then make a loop at one and so that you’ll be able to drag the patch through the bore. Mind the loop’s dimension, it must to match the bore’s diameter. Then secure the knot with a drop of resistant glue. The last step cut the thread and burn the ends with a lighter, so they don’t fray.
  • The oil container: you will need it to store the gun oil. Get an old small plastic container. Picks something that allows the oil to come out drop by drop.
  • Flashlight: always have a flashlight in your kit because it will help you spot any imperfections you need to remove.
  • Toothpicks: they are quite effective in rinsing the dirt that won’t go away using the brush. You can also use them to lubricate with oil the narrow spots that can’t be reached

Pack all these items in your tool container. Make them fit inside compactly. One last advice. Don’t forget to keep your weapon together with your newly manufactured gun kit in a secure place!

These are the basic things you need to craft your own handmade gun kit. It’s not hard to come up with these items. With a little bit of patience and a practical mindset, you’ll have your kit ready in no time.

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