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How to Make a Solar Still

How to Make a Solar Still
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This PDF on How to Make a Solar Still is pretty interesting, my first attempt at making one was in the desert with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  We were sitting around waiting on waiting and I build one to see exactly how well it works.  I have tried other methods, including using a plastic bag to retrieve water from leaf transpiration.

A solar still is a simple device which can be used to convert saline, brackish,polluted or other water into drinking water, Its function is very simple–basically a pan of impure water is enclosed by a transparent cover.

The latter traps solar energy within the enclosure, This heats up the water causing evaporation and condensation on the inner face of the sloping transparent cover, This distilled water is generally potable.

This leaflet permits the user to make a relatively inexpensive unit, primarily out of  plastic sheets and brick, It is not what might be recommended for a long-term installation, However, this plastic covered unit can certainly be adequately used for temporary installation. It should be stressed that the user should use as much flexibility and adaptation of local material as possible while not changing the general principles of the operation.

And yes, this comes from the CD3WD Set.

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