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How to Make a Beeswax Ingot Mold from Silicone


Making a Beeswax Ingot Mold from Silicone
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I like using my beeswax for other things like candles or bullet lube.  However. it comes out of the hive contaminated with larva cocoons, bee poo, and other dark nasty bits.  I clean it I end up with large round blocks from the wax floating in a 5 gallon bucket.

This is too large to use easily.  Additionally, it is too big to sell to other hobbyists.  To fix this, I bought some molds to make 1 ounce and 1 pound blocks.

The problem with this is that whoever makes these molds uses vacuum formed thermoplastic.  This makes it cheap, but it is easy to melt.  Obviously, that is a problem when dealing with hot wax.

Today I am Going to Show How to Make an Ingot Mold from Silicone

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From playing with the OOMOO30 I found out how easy silicon is to use, and how well it handles hot wax. As a matter of fact – many candle makers prefer silicon molds to make candles. In experimenting I find it makes candle-making MUCH easier than my metal votive molds.

I figure if a candle mold can be made of silicon, why not a ingot mold.

All I did was pick by very best wax ingots to make molds from. Remember the better quality of product you use to make the mold, the better your mold, as any imperfections will be made into each thing you make in the mold.

I then glued them to the bottom of disposable aluminum baking pans. Like the foundation mold, I could have used a tighter fit between my ingots and the sides of the mold to make a more economical mold, but I wanted sturdy…

When I filled the pan with OOMOO30 silicon, and let it cure, I simply cut off the aluminum, peeled out the wax, and now have a perfect set of virtually unbreakable beeswax ingot molds.

If you want to do this to make votive candles, it is virtually the same process.

Hope this is useful…

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