Making Powdered Sugar for Varoa Mite Treatment

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Powdered sugar for treating beehives for Varoa mites is a mechanical based treatment as we discussed in the earlier post Beekeeping Varoa Mite Control Using Powdered Sugar.

The difficulty with treating bees with powdered sugar is that most store bought powdered confectioner’s sugar contains starch. Bees cannot process the starch and it leads to deadly constipation.

This post will show how easy it is to powder your own sugar – which is useful for the kitchen as well as for beekeepers.

I will warn you that powdering materials is very hard on your blender, and for marital bliss you should consider a thrift store blender with a mason jar attachment.

Simply pulse ½ cup of sugar at a time until it is very finely powdered.

Making powdered sugar in a blender is not hard, but it is hard on the blender – go slow and don’t try to make pounds at a time.  You may even consider getting a used blender from a yard sale or goodwill.

While this post uses the powdered sugar in the beehive, you can use it for any purpose – confectionery, pyrotechnic, or for bees.

One day I may have to do a video on using powdered sugar to make a “cremora” charge like the Hollywood special effects guys use to get fireballs.

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