Management of Aggressive Behavior

Management of Aggressive Behavior
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Management of Aggressive Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning How to Recognize, Reduce, Manage, and Control Aggressive Behavior by Roland Ouellette can enable you to recognize and identify signs of aggressive behavior.

Once properly identified, you may then effectively manage this behavior.

You can learn ways to manage aggressive individuals and improve your personal safety! This paperback is more than just a book — it is a comprehensive strategy that you can use in virtually every aspect of your life.

Now that I work back in the prison, I need tools to manage behavior.  Verbal Judo, Cognitive behavior therapy and other tools are used to maintain a safe and secure prison with a minimum of force.

Management of Aggressive Behavior gives the reader some workable tools to deal with aggressive individuals.

It works well in a correction setting, but the tools will also work in a school, bar, or workplace.

Its nice to have tools other than guns to deal with situations.  I have dealt with hundreds of situations involving potential violence where I had to talk to a person, but only one where I had to draw a gun.

To me that means I should prepare much more in the mental and social skills of aggression than is commonly done.

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