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Manual for the Design of a Mechanical Water Hydraulic Governor

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Manual for the Design of a Mechanical Water Hydraulic Governor describes how to build a device to keep your micro-hydro wheel turning at a specific speed so to keep a generator turning at a specified output.  Basically its flow control.  Most who build with solar, wind, or water power for electric generation use load control where when the electricity generated is too much for the system the excess is dumped into something like a water heater.

That works well, but not for for every system, plus it can be wasteful.

This PDF is something I keep on the shelf just because it may be useful some day.  Generally I use load control when I play with stuff like this, but – and I’m playing devil’s advocate – if your worried about EMP this is mechanical and would work even if your electronic load control system was fried.  Which, as a guy looking to be prepared for anything, is something worth knowing.

For someone mechanically inclined, the process is simple enough to follow, but it is not a list of things to buy at the hardware store and piece together.

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