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Free PDF: A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump

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A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump shows how to simply and easily pump water without any energy input beyond the flow of the water itself.

It’s not magic however, and since there is not such thing as a free lunch this process is not infinite.

It takes a large flow of water to move a small amount of water.

It is also a noisy process, and you must do some calculations (I have some other PDFs to help with that.

This PDF manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump is a good place to start, that and the Youtube videos from engineer777 will make you conversant on the technology and will allow you to build one of these pumps.

A Manual on the Hydraulic Ram Pump

I hope this PDF and engineer777’s videos help

If you are a prepper and haven’t subscribed to him, I suggest you do so.

David Nash :Dave Nash is a Author and Instructor that is dedicated to learning and sharing new ways to efficiently and resourcefully homestead and prepare for disasters.

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