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Market Nursery Work Vol 1-6

Market Nursery Work Vol 1-6
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This set of six PDFs 1-6 is about growing things for profit.  I am very interested in the subject and have spent a lot of money over the years buying books on small scale market gardening.  One day I hope to supplement my retirement income by running a small market garden on my land.  It has to be small because I only have 5 acres and most of that it hillside.

My idea is to grow using raised beds on the flat, while terracing what I can for fruit trees and vines, and running sheep and goats on what I don’t terrace.  This, combined with a small pond for aquaculture, and hopefully a couple dome greenhouses will allow me to grow a good portion of my own food.

Which, even if I don’t sell for profit, will allow me to spend my retirement money on other things besides food.  Which, is just as good, if not better than selling plants because I would have no tax liability.  Additionally, if I can sell enough honey and beeswax from my hives, I can meet the threshold to get a far tax exemption which would make me save even more.

Plus, because the land is zoned agriculture, and the planning commission is picky, any workshops on farm things are still within code.

Market Nursery Work Volume 1


Market Nursery Work Volume 2


Market Nursery Work Volume 3


Market Nursery Work Volume 4


Market Nursery Work Volume 5


Market Nursery Work Volume 6



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