Beekeeping: Mason Jar Bee Super Update

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Beekeeping: Mason Jar Bee Super Update

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The mason jar bee idea from fatbeeman was awesome, and it is one of my most popular videos.  Unfortunately my bees just didn’t do well with it.

I am mostly to blame for the lack of honey collected in this manner as I am no where near the skill level of the fatbeeman.

However, I don’t think I am the only blame.  The mason jars are small and clear which makes them unnatural for the bees.

and it is hard for the bees to start producing comb inside the jar.

I do believe that the originator of this idea was right when he said that the comb honey in the jar would fetch a premium as a novelty as people could not figure out how the comb got inside the jar.  However, I don’t believe the premium would make up for the reduced amount of honey produced.

In my experience I had eggs and drone cells in my jars so I would think that if you are going to try this experiment you may want to use a queen excluder.  That is something many of my fellow beekeepers feel strongly against.

Anyway, I like this idea when I tried it, and I still do.  My level of skill is not where it needs to be to pull it off.  Feel free to try it in your hives and if it works I would love to hear your story.

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