How to Use Mason Jars with a Blender


How to Use Mason Jars with a Blender
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This Mason Jar Blender Tip is a simple trick that can make your kitchen life easier. It seems like many/most blender manufacturers designed the threads of their blender jars to match the threads of canning jars.

This means that in many cases (especially with older blenders) you can make a Mason Jar Blender.

Simply can screw the blade into your mason jar and blend your items in the jar. This makes it easy to measure things since many mason jars have cup markings molded into the glass.

If is also great to blend small amounts of things without having to clean the large blender jar.

Personally, I use it to make rubs and spice mixes.  Just take your dehydrated vegetables/spices/herbs and blend together to make all sorts of seasoned salt mixes.

It is also a easy way to make single serve smoothies if your into that sort of thing.  I use this all the time to make butter and creams.  It works great.  It also is much easier to clean than a full size blender.

This is one of my favorite tips so far.  I how this mason jar blender tip is as useful to you as it is to me.

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