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How to Make a Mason Jar Goat Milker


Mason Jar Goat Milker
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Like my milking stand article,this one on a DIY mason jar goat milker is something I thought I posted a few years ago.  I found I missed it when I was working on articles for my new free PDF section on this website.

This was a simple build and you can even buy a kit on Amazon≥  I went the cheaper route and bought some syringes and hose from the co-op and a handheld vacuum sealer and made my own with a mason jar from my closet.

I would suggest that if you go this route you buy a couple additional tops for the sealer, one for mistakes, and the other so you can return it back to its original use.

With a full charge you can milk a couple of goats, but its fastest with the first one.  I only had one, so I always had plenty of juice to extract the milk.

Another thing to consider, cleanliness is vital – you don’t want dirt or other farm gunk in your fresh milk.  Always clean the teats before you start milking, and clean and sanitize the equipment after.

I was amazed at how easy this mason jar goat milker worked.  Especially considering how simple it is compared to commercial versions that cost several hundred dollars.

How to Use a Mason Jar Goat Milker



This is my first attempt at using this DIY milking machine.  I don’t have the process completely down, but this does work.

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