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Mason Jar Infuser Review

Mason Jar Infuser
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As you well know, my Genny is pretty serious in her quest to get healthy.  I never thought she would stop drinking diet mountain dew but she quit cold turkey.

I figure that I should do something to support her, especially since I now know exactly how serious she is.

I figure that the best way I can show I am thinking about her goals and how I can help her is to find a replacement for her favorite drink.  To do that I looked to infused waters.  Then I found this Mason Jar Infuser lid.

The lid fits on a mason jar and has a compartment under it that holds fruit under the water so that you can infuse the water with some of the fruit taste without a lot of the sugar.

Cucumber water has long been a favorite of many celebrities and now my wife can have the benifits of it without being too fancy.

All she has to do is slice up her favorite fruit and insert a few slices in the Mason Jar Infuser, fill the jar with water, close the lid, and wait.

She can do this before bed and have a drink ready to go in the morning.

She loves it and I get supportive husband points.

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