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How to Turn A Mason Jar Into A Fermenting Crock Using a reCap Lid


Using the Mason Jar reCap lid for Fermenting
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Today’s post is a simple tip that I stole from a much larger post at Lea Harris ran a series of articles about using mason jars to ferment sauerkraut and in the article linked above showed SEVERAL ways to make small fermenters out of mason jars.

Some of these I have tried before, some even worked. But what I did learn about was the reCap mason jar lid, and how it could serve multiple uses.

The reCap is designed to make a mason jar into a closeable “sports” bottle, but with the addition of a rubber 6 ½ bung and a two piece airlock – it becomes a handy fermenter for small batches of stuff.

Her idea was for sour kraut, but I bet it would work great for kefir, kombucha, vinegar, fermenting pepper mash, and a whole lot more.

This system works pretty good.  Especially for things like kefir or vinegar.  You could even use this to make wine, but it would not make a lot at one time.

I think this is a pretty cool little tip, but to be honest, I rarely use it as when I ferment things I tend to use 5 or 6 gallon jugs.

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