Mason Jar Lid Tip

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Just a really quick Mason Jar Lid Tip:

A normal Parmesan cheese lid will fit on a regular mason jar.

Hopefully you can find all sorts of uses for this, we now have a directive not to throw away the lids.

Not really what else I can say about this mason jar tip – but I do find all manner of uses for it.  Heck I find that you can even use it to help sprout wheat if needed.

I use this for my homemade garlic powder, and all manner of homemade spice mixes – like my taco seasoning.

It works well for little bits of hardware like brads for my bee frames or tiny little nuts.

I use this quite a bit around the house.  This is a simple tip, the lid works better than two piece mason jar lids, I have lots of jars, and we use a bunch of Parmesan cheese.

Maybe this is just a weird melding of a bunch of unrelated things that makes this particular tip useful to me, but I would be willing to bet that there are some of you that could also get some use out of this.

This tip is a little more sturdy than some of the other jar lid tips I have shown in the past.  Like the one for the salt lids.

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