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How to Make Meatloaf on a Stick


Kitchen DIY: Meatloaf on a Stick
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I saw a video from some Russian.  I could not understand a word he said, but the Facebook video showed him making a jerky gun out of a 20oz soda bottle.

As always, I took the idea and ran with it to make meatloaf on a stick.

I do own a plastic jerky gun, but I hate it, the thing is small, and is hard to use.

Mostly, I dislike how small it it, and if I could sneak it into the house I would buy a large metal one like the one pictured.

However, my wife is hard to trick and I spend most of my energy into sneaking in gun parts so I had to make a jerky gun like the crazy Russian if I wanted to make meatloaf on a stick.

To make a homemade soda bottle meat extruder:

  • Cut the bottom out of a 20 ounce soda bottle – ensure a can drink can fit in the hole.  Use a flat sided plastic bottle.
  • Fill the cut up bottle with raw meatloaf or ground beef jerky mix depending on your goal
  • Press the soda can into the cut, this will apply pressure to the meat and extrude it out the top of the bottle.
  • If you want to make meatloaf on a stick, insert a bamboo skewer into the bottle top before you press the can.
  • As you press the can the meat will squirt out and cover the bamboo rod.

Bake the meatloaf as normal, but remember it will not take nearly as long

If you are making jerky sticks just put in the dehydrator.

Here is a link to my 4 ingredient meatloaf mix.

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