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Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation (1956)

Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation (1956)
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There is a lot of misinformation in the work about Radiation and what it does, this is troubling because we are in the nuclear age.  Besides accidents like Fukushima, we have to deal with despots like Kim Jong-un.  I did a post a few years ago on types of radiation, but this PDF on the Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation tells what radiation does to you.

In the world of radiation measurement there are terms describing the amount of radiation called rads, but that doesn’t tell us what we want to know so the measurement of rem was created = it means roentgen equivalent man and measures the effects of radiation on the body.  Those effects are mostly cancers, because no matter what Stan Lee says, radiation won’t give you superpowers.

I wish it did though as in an earlier career I went to a class at area 51 and walked all over land that was used as a nuclear testing ground.  That’s not really as exciting as it sounds, the Nevada Test site is just outside of Las Vegas and people used to take trips out to the desert to sit on bleachers and watch us test nuclear weapons.


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