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Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry, Volume 2

Book Review: Metal Casting: A Sand Casting Manual for the Small Foundry, Volume 2
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The Sand Casting Manual, Volume 2, continues with solidification of metals and why it matters. Specifics of aluminum, copper alloys, brass and bronze are discussed along with solution heat treatment and precipitation hardening. Ductile and gray cast iron are covered.

Gating systems, filters, chills and risers are described along with the design of proper gating systems. Several “hands on” projects include pattern making, match-plates and rubber molds, casting a cylinder head and pistons all in your own back yard!

The plans for a sturdy flask latch are worth the price of the book alone. Historical topics include the details of casting the Ford Flathead V-8 and piston rings. This is a must have reference for the foundry enthusiast, auto restorer, or experienced metal caster!

I made my own foundry a few years ago, and like blacksmithing, my hope is that someday I will have a full time set up shop where I can spend whatever time I desire experimenting in and learning about metal work.

I have a little experience in sand casting, but I really wish I had more.  This is a very valuable prepper skill.  If you can cast metal then you can recreate society.

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