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Blueprints: MK V Sten, MAC10, Austin MKI, Beretta 38-44, Madsen 1950

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Today I have a couple blueprints for your browsing pleasure.  This PDF document includes plans for the MK V Sten, MAC10, Austin MKI, Beretta 38-44, and the Madsen 1950

The Sten blueprint is probably the easiest to manufacture during WWII bicycle shops all over England were kicking these guns out in mass.  Its basically a piece of chain link fence pipe with a barrel, a trigger and a big hunk of metal that slides back and forth as an open bolt.

An open bolt machine gun is probably one of the simplest designs of guns out their.  If they had reliable cartridges in the 1800’s I bet we would have seen sten guns at Gettysburg….  Maybe not, but they are simple guns to make.  The hardest part of this is the legalities.

Also in the event you are interested, all of these gun documents I am posting can be found on the disk I have listed to your left.  Additionally to the hundreds of documents I have posted, I have hundreds of gun patents (mostly suppressors) as well as class powerpoints and targets. all for $5.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Blueprints 4, MKV Sten, MAC10, Austin MKI, Beretta 38-44, Madsen 1950″]



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