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NATO Emergency War Surgery 2000 Working Draft

NATO Emergency War Surgery 2000 Working Draft
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NATO Emergency War Surgery 2000 Working Draft is the PDF of the Emergency War Surgery book I reviewed in mid 2015.

As I said in that review “Emergency War Surgery is not the be all end all medical reference, and in a catastrophic disaster, if you are on my team and break this out and read it with one hand as you try to pull a bullet out of my leg – prepare to get kicked in the head… ”

Of course, I still have a copy on my shelf, and I still use it as a reference.

It is that reference that makes it useful.  Just don’t think you can learn surgery from osmosis,  touching a book or having a copy of one does not make you know the contents.  I own a bible – I am not a preacher, I own a guitar – I am not a country music star.  You get my point.

Learn the skills before you need them, and have books and tools just in case you need them.  But be realistic in what you try and think you can do.

I am going to the doctor just as long as one is available.

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