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NBC Survival Skills

NBC Survival Skills
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NBC Survival Skills is a document from an old citizen ran civil defense website.  I post it here to give soem easily understood information on an area that causes a lot of fear and contains a lot of misinformation.  I am no expert in this field, but my undergraduate degree was Emergency Management with a minor in Homeland Security.  In my years at TEMA I was able to take a large amount of NBC response training under the Federal Department of Homeland Security.  They wanted me to take mostly Radiation related courses, but once I had filled up on them, they let me go to a bunch of bombing, agroterroism, and bioterrorism courses.

What I learned is that any dedicated person with a couple thousand dollars can kill a bunch of people and there isn’t much the Government can do to stop them, but that being said, there is a lot a citizen can do to protect themselves if they so choose to.

The book I have to your left is a favorite of mine.  I did a review of Nuclear War Survival Skills earlier, the writer was a engineer at the Department of Energy, but he did a lot of cool military work in his youth.

NBC Survival Skills


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