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Kitchen DIY: Neat Oreo Cookie Trick

Kitchen DIY: Neat Oreo Cookie Trick
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So this is not a prepper/gun/DIY post – but man can’t like on preps alone – sometimes you just have to have fun with your kids, and I love sharing cookies and milk with my boy.

Unfortunately, my bride does not understand that messes can be cleaned up, but kids are only kids once, so she does not appreciate when I act like a kid and get WT to spread cookies and milk across 3 rooms of the house.

To keep the house clean AND still share the fun of dipping Oreo cookies in milk I found a solution.  This neat Oreo cookie trick uses a fork to keep the mess down.

It works best with double stuffed, but I have used normal ones, as wall as cheaper generic cookies.  Simply press the tines of a fork into the white stuffing and use it as a handle to dip the cookies in milk.

It keeps grubby fingers out of the milk, it allows the entire cookie to be dipped, and it cuts down on the mess.

Its not as free spirited as a double dipping, dirty fingers, broken cookies adventure that is hand dipping, but it keeps my more sensible and cultured wife happy so I think that this is a good thing to share.

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