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Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy

The  Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy by the late physician-illustrator has become the top-selling anatomical atlas in the world.  Current editions of this work rent on Amazon for upward of $40 and cost more than $100.

This is an older work and is not as colorful, but the basic anatomy has not changed.

A good anatomy book is essential in any medical library.

I have reviewed medical books before.  I am a believer in having a good basic medical research library in your prepper bookshelf.

This obviously includes an anatomy book.  Doctors use specific terms and you need to be able to reference those specific anatomic terms to know exactly what they are saying.

Having this type of book will make owning books like NATO Emergency War Surgery more useful, but like that book, don’t think owning this will turn you into a doctor.

As a side note, I know people who are not in the medical field who also have use for an Anatomy Book.  This information also has use to martial artists.  Knowing how bones and muscles connect and operate can help you learn how to perform joint locks and the locations of nerve bundles over bone can help with Pressure Point Control Tactics.

Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy


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