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Shooting Aftermath Article on

Shooting Aftermath Article
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I have a new article on Guns dot com concerning the aftermath of a shooting, its the premier of my new shooting acronym ReCASA  (for I want to get back to the house….)

I have enjoyed writing this article on guns for  Additionally, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on what do do after a shooting.

Based upon my experience as a firearm instructor, I feel that most people that carry guns are not competent in their use for self defense.  Those that are tend to spend more time on how to shoot with little attention on the “when” to shoot, or what to do after.

The article on guns dot com that I listed above is based completely on thoughts about how to interact with the police after a shooting.

I have no tolerance for criminals, and people that use guns improperly are criminals, but I also want to ensure that honest citizens that use weapons for their own self defense are able to go back to their lives without having to fight the criminal justice system.

I have discussed this system with multiple law enforcement officers as well as a lawyer – not to get legal advice, but to see how realistic my plan is.

Some officers said it was a little overkill, others said it would work well – none said it was an unworkable system.


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