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If you want to read more articles of mine, I just entered into a freelance arrangement with  I will have several firearm related articles on their new site in the future.  They are still in beta, but I have two articles online in the tactical and self-defense columns.

Small and Large Noticings on Women’s Self-Defense Training

The Case for Visualization Training

As my favorite author (Louis L’Amour) wrote, “a writer writes”.  I am pleased that allows me another avenue for people to read more articles that I have written.

I will never get rich writing articles, but I do have a strong sense of accomplishment when people read the scribbling I throw on paper.

My problem is that I tend to write as I think and don’t spend a lot of time editing, so as people read more articles, more people will discover my horrible grammar.

This has been a problem of mine on this site, and does limit my writing skill, but hopefully by working with the editors at I will improve.  The information however, is based upon experience and education and I hope  you get a lot out of the articles.

I imagine that this site will grow in the future to be a leader in the firearm information industry.

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