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Homesteading: I am a New Backhoe Driver

Homesteading: I am a New Backhoe Driver
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I am a New Backhoe Driver.  I finally got around to selling some guns and things and getting me a piece of heavy equipment.  When I bought the machine the dealer showed me some things wrong and told me the machine would be worth almost double if they were fixed.*

They say not everyone can learn to drive a backhoe, but that some are naturals.  I have heard that is you can’t get to thinking about moving in two directions after about 40 hours of operation they you proably won’t ever be able to get it.  I can see that is probably true, but I seem to be progressing nicely.

I started working on the issues and finally got the machine working and this is the first video of me actually using the backhoe.  You can see the first repair in the second video in this post.

In hindsight, as proud as I was about the starter repair, it was nothing compared to working on the hydraulics.

Now that it is working I have to dig some stumps.  I get that a time lapse video of me using a backhoe is probably not exciting to most of you, it is something I am quite proud of.


It has cost me almost double to fix those issues.

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