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New Rabbit Tractor

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I am a big fan of chicken tractors, and probably will be until I can actually pasture or free range them. After talking with Paul Wheaton and joining his permaculture forum I started thinking about tractor raising my rabbits.

After researching more, I decided to try it. I built a new rabbit tractor, and made it more conducive to rabbits by making the floor with wooden slats rather than wire.

I put my trio in the tractor, and let them graze and breed naturally rather than trying to control it. I found that they had a much better survival rate with the newborn kits in the tractor rather than the cage. I think (without a lot of proof) that it was because the momma’s were less stressed and the next box was more secluded.

The biggest fear I had with the rabbits was/is coccidian – but what I read suggests that if I move the tractor regularly, and do not put the tractor in the same spot for at least a year, the parasites are much less likely to infest by rabbits.

Unfortunately, due to the neighbor dogs ripping into my older tractor, and digging into my coop – I had to replace the rabbits back into their cages, so I could put my last three chicks in the more sturdy rabbit tractor. I do feel this is a worthwhile activity, and once we more to a place where dogs are more easily kept away from the animals I will try this again.

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