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Gardening Tip: Newspaper Seed Pots

Gardening Tip: Newspaper Seed Pots
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This year my wife decided she would run the garden because I kill everything I plant.  In her benevolent dictatorship she wanted me to help her make newspaper seed pots.

There are a lot of ways to make seed pots, and I have done this using a jar instead, but today we are using a wooden mold similar to the one pictured.

Making Newspaper seed pots is pretty easy:

Rip newspaper lengthwise into thirds

Wrap newspaper around the wooden form leaving a little handing over the edge

Fold the edges of the paper much like you would a roll of coins.

Press the folded paper into the former and twist the two pieces of wood together to tightly pack the bent end of the paper

Gently remove and fill with soil.

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