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How to Replace the Screen in a Nikon Coolpix

Nikon Coolpix Repair
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I really like my Nikon coolpix camera, Genny and I got it as a wedding present and it has served us really well, however….  The LCD display is not very rugged, and is not protected in any way, so if you were to forget about it and throw a bunch of rifle cases on top of it you could very well break the display.  I am not saying that’s EXACTLY what happened, because when Genny asked me I told her I wasn’t EXACTLY sure how it broke…. but she told me I had to fix it, so this post is about my Nikon Coolpix Repair

It Broke and No One Would Fix It

Unfortunately, in our disposable society it is very hard to find someone to fix electronics, and if it’s not a warranty repair it can cost as much as a replacement.  In this case the camera was around $300 and the repair north of $200.  So being me I decided that I would fix it myself, and if I totally trashed the camera, then it would not be a great loss, I would just have to save up to buy a new camera.  But if I fixed it not only would I increase my skills I would save some money.

Any outside normal activity of mine normally begins with an extensive internet search to see if anyone else has tried to do whatever it is I am planning.  This saves me some embarrassment and on occasion it makes me look really smart when all I am is a guy that is good at research…

The Internet Saved the Day

I found a couple mentions of repairing cameras and that this model of camera breaks quite often.  Both Amazon and eBay both sold replacement screens around $30 so I bought one.  I went with eBay because the auction said they would install for free if I sent it in, or they would give me email advice if I ran into a problem (which I did, but unfortunately they were not much help…)

It was a very straight forward process, I received the new display, and the seller sent a link to a video of installing the display, unfortunately it was of a different model (but same display) Luckily all I had to do was unscrew the back of the camera, lift out the display, and remove the flexible cable from its clamp, then reverse the process with the new display.

It was Easy

My single problem was the fact that after taking out EVERY screw I could find, the back of the camera would not lift off…

The seller was no help, and I believe that they had only a supply of parts and experience with an older model of coolpix cameras.

Eventually, and with the help of a friend, we were able to reason out that their was a screw underneath the microphone cover, and after prying off the metal cover, we were able to unscrew and remove the backing.

The display was easy to replace, just pull out the connector to remove the old display, and then plug in the new one.

I then replaced the backing and reinstalled all the screws.  It was helpful that I took pictures of each screw and screw hole as I took it apart, as the screws were all the same thread and diameter, but had widely different lengths.

When I reinstalled the battery the camera started up and the display was as bright and clear as it was brand new.

I Had Trouble Finding One Screw

My only issue came from my attempt at finding the last screw.  I knew it was around the microphone/flash, as that’s where the case was binding, and I incorrectly assumed I had to remove the flash to get the back cover off.  When I opened up the flash unit, a tiny spring went flying, and I was unable to find it.  Since that spring is what held the flash up it has to be held open to be used.

If I had to do everything over again, I would take more care in packing the car. BUT, if I had to make the choice to attempt this repair or pay for someone else to do it, I most certainly would try it again.  It was simple, cheap, and while I did screw up slightly, I gained a lot more in confidence than I loose in cool points holding my flash up….

Sorry For the Lack of Photos

I had a lot of step by step photos, but unfortunately I lost them in the hack – I left this post because I don’t see any other sites telling how to do this, but several selling the parts.  I am sure if you are smart enough to actually repair the camera you are smart enough to use this as a guide…


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