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Upcoming Instructor Led NRA Basic Pistol Course

Clarksville Guns and Archery is hosting an Instructor Lead NRA Basic Pistol Course Friday September 21st.

This 8 hour course is the prerequisite course for the NRA Pistol Instructor course.  The instructor course will be taught September 22-23 at the same location.

If you already have an NRA Basic Pistol Certificate, then you do not need this course to attend the instructor program.

Cost is $100 a student (unless you are taking the Instructor class, then it is free), and will teach the basics of pistol shooting.

Any person interested should contact me to ensure there are course materials ordered.

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This is a shooting course so at a minimum you should bring a handgun. Preferably both a revolver or semi-automatic.  Additionally, you will need and at least 200 rounds.  More rounds may be needed depending on your shooting ability.

This course is similar in scope to the Tennessee handgun carry permit class.  However, the State Law and defensive shooting portions are not covered in this course.  In exchange, the fundamentals of accurate shooting is covered in much greater detail.

There is a blended course that has some material online, but this is the instructor lead program that is taught in the traditional method.


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