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Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock Review


Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock
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If you have followed this site at all you probably know I have a thief down by my land.  This means I am always on the lookout for security devices to help deter the local meth addicts.  I wouldn’t use this device down there, because that’s not what it is meant for, but here at my home, this Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock is really great for garage security.

Bluetooth works to about 300 feet, so it would not alarm at my land nearly an hour away, but if someone wants to try to take the generator or the sawmill in my carport, this alarm will definitely wake me up.

In the video above, I open the box, get the app, and use the lock.  It is pretty simple and intuitive.  Really, it should not take you more than a few minutes to get this lock working.

The lock syncs with your phone and you can set the app to unlock the lock when you get near it, or you can push a button on the phone application to lock and unlock the device.

It is rather tamper resistant, if someone fiddles with the lock, vibration causes a 110 dB alarm on your phone, if someone tries to cut the cable, or disassemble the lock it also alarms.

It is a pretty neat device, and right now mine is securing my sawmill to my homemade sawmill trailer.

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