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NWS Floods the Awesome Power

NWS Floods the Awesome Power
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Turn around don’t drown is the National Weather Services catch phrase so people understand the awesome power of floods.

Flowing water created the grand canyon, it powers cities, and can destroy homes and lives.

I was working in emergency management during the historic 2010 Nashville floods.  I don’t know if you remember, but we had mobile homes floating down the interstate during that flood.

This PDF from the National Weather Service and tells how you can protect yourself from floods.  Understanding the inundation zone maps, and the federal flood insurance program is pretty important to homeowners.

Floods can come quickly, and the time to prepare is before the flood.  Understand how to protect yourself.  You should know how to d

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isinfect your items after a flood.  Mostly you should know the power of floods and don’t think of them as a big swimming pool.  Flood waters can kill, and water can hide threats.

Threats like sewage, hazardous chemicals, and downed power lines.  I would hate for someone to get themselves killed because they did not understand the threats.

When I was home shopping, I spent a time to ensure that I was nowhere near a flood zone – that was important to me.  If you have ever seen what it takes to recover from a flood you understand why.

It is not uncommon for a home to be condemned after being flooded.

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