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Less Lethal Demonstration: TASER Drive Stun


Old TASER Video
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This is some old TASER video from a cell phone taken quite a few years ago.  This footage was taken after an NRA Pistol Instructor course.

One of my students was a long time handgun permit instructor that had to retake the course.  A state administrator retroactively decided that instructor qualifications from a large segment of current instructors was invalid.  This was after approving them previously.

Basically it was one anti-gun bureaucrat messing with good instructors.

Anyway, the subject of TASERS came up.  As always, my pet peeve of people thinking stun guns and tasers are the same thing came out.

Luckily one of the students happened to be a taser instructor.  Since he carried one, we could get a demonstration.

The student instructor he was kind enough to give me what is known as a “drive stun” basically instead of shooting me he just jammed the darn thing into my spine.

It felt like 1000 hornets stung me, but since I did not flop around I felt like I was superman – which led me to decide I could take a full ride with the probes (Bad Idea – seen here @ Prepper gets TASED)

Since this video has been shot I have been tased a couple more times, both with prongs and with clips – I will say being shot with the taser probes is the less painful, but it all hurts.

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