Organize Fishing Hooks With Safety Pins

Organize Fishing Hooks With Safety Pins

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This simple project of learning to organize fishing hooks with safety pins takes less than a minute, and can make your fishing trips much less stressful.

Simply sort your fishhooks by type, and then run a safety pin through the hook’s eye.

This not only keeps your fishhooks sorted, keeps them in place, and it gives you a reason to have one of the greatest prepper tools (the safety pin) in your tackle box.

This has saved my tackle box from turning into a rats nest of mixed junk.  It is a simple little thing, but its the little things that help.  Besides, with all the safety pins now in your fishing gear you have “survival gear” also – you never know how useful a safety pin is until you need one and don’t have it.

As a bonus tip for reading how to organize fishing hooks with safety pins, I will tell you that for years I was highly unsuccessful at catching fish and then I was told I use too big of a hook.  The smaller the hook the more fish you will catch.  Sounds simple right….

Now I am just a moderately unsuccessful fisherman, but that is because I keep loosing lures to the trees above me…

I keep trying to learn more about fishing, as my son really likes it, I look up information on fishing all the time, I just found this post on types of fishing poles.


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