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I don’t really like ads and try to keep them to a minimum, but websites cost, so when I do advertise, I like to make it useful and mostly links to products I use or want myself so that its as much a service as an ad.  I think of these advertisers more as partners because they help me provide good information or items to help you prepare.

When I do advertise, I prefer affiliate advertising, as it allows my sponsors to know exactly the value a partnership with me entails.  The more I sell, the more they pay.

The following links are to affiliate programs I partner with.

Click to Visit My Amazon Influencer Program

I primarily use Amazon to purchase the materials and equipment for my videos.  Buying with Amazon allows me to gain some revenue without costing you any more than you would normally pay for the same item.

Please take some time to visit the partners of Dave’s Homestead as their support makes this website possible.

If you have any questions not covered in the About Us page, feel free to contact me directly.




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