Recipe: Peanut Butter Ramen – Not quite Pad Thai

Peanut Butter Ramen - Not quite Pad Thai

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This video shows a redneckinized Thai peanut noodles.  Kind of – my wife just calls it gross.

But I like Thai food on occasion, and I have a lot of Ramen stored away.  Ramen noodles are not the healthiest meal, but it is cheap.

Add a little chicken and some peanut butter and soy sauce and you have a pretty decent peanut butter ramen dish that I can’t quite call pad thai noodles, but its good enough for my redneck tastebuds

In making this dish, I got carried away with the peanut butter, I added about twice as much as it needed, but I like peanut butter and added for consistency and did not bother to taste.

I would suggest trying this if you store a lot of ramen, but also to taste as you mix…

Many commenters remarked on the large amount of peanut butter.  I did use a lot more than needed, but I like it that way.

This is not a health food in any stretch, and its not something I would enjoy eating often.

Peanut butter ramen is a novel meal.  The idea of taking something simple and modifying it is quite useful even if you don’t like this recipe.


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