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How to Install Plastic Backspash


Plastic Backspash Install
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After burning up my kitchen and installing new kitchen cabinets, I needed something to finish out the kitchen.  My wife and I decided to video our plastic backsplash install.

This was a pretty simple project, and it did not cost a whole lot of money – about $20o all together, but I think it added a lot of pop to our kitchen.

The hard part of the project was ensuring everything lined up.  We did more than measure twice and cut once.  We measured and measured and measured – and on occasion things still did not line up perfectly.

I had a hard time with straight lines because the plastic was textured.

It did cut easily with scissors, and we used construction adhesive to glue it up.  As I said before, it was not a hard project.  My wife and I completed the plastic backsplash install in a weekend.  But someone that had experience (or communicated better) could do it in a day.

This project really finished out our kitchen remodel.  It did not cost a lot and did not take a lot of time to do either.

Now, measuring and cutting, and ensuring everything was lined up was not fun, but it was worth it.

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