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Folding Pocket Chainsaw & Fire Starter Kit Review

Gear Review: Camping Gear Folding Pocket Chainsaw & Fire Starter Kit By SUMPRI
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I have wanted a pocket chainsaw since I was a boy, It would be simple enough to buy one,  but it seems I never got a round tuit, that is until Sumpri offered me a chance to review their folding pocket chainsaw and fire starter kit.

I had great plans to take this chainsaw out and throw a line over a high tree limb and use the saw with some paracord – unfortunately, when I got out to the land it started raining, and I got my truck stuck in the mud.

While a pocket chainsaw is great for a lot of things, I couldn’t use it to get unstuck (well I guess I could have cut limbs to make a timber winch or to throw under the tires).  I decided to wait on the video and focus on what was important now – which was recovering my truck from the mud.

The saw was well made, and it was sharp.  I found that it pulled easily (better with long strokes) and cut smoothly.  The firestarter is a typical ferocerium rod – it creates hot sparks and is of normal quality.  I do wish the case was a little stronger, but it was above average for these types of gear.

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  1. The cut looked pretty smooth, but how much force did you put into cutting that branch? Is it comparable to using a hacksaw, or do you have to put some weight into it? For the past several years, every time I’ve needed to saw something outdoors, I’ve used my Swiss Army Knife saw. It works well, but it’s too small for applications like the one you showed here.

    • Not much, I pulled the chain back and forth and gave some pressure but none my kid couldn’t apply

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