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Portable Water Filter Bag Review

portable water filter bag
portable water filter bag

I got to review this collapsible 16.2 ounce water filter bag. The bag comes with a built in .1 micron water filter straw which is capable of cleaning and purifying the dirty water you scooped up.

What I like best about this kit is that you can screw the filter directly into any standard (28mm) plastic bottle.

It filters up to 300 gallons of contaminated water with a single unit.  At the recommended survival amount of one gallon per person per day, this is almost a year supply of fresh water in a cheap and portable bundle.

I really liked the idea.  The package was very light and compact, and the design was well thought out.  I left it with my dad to do more testing, as he is living full time out on the land.

This kit is a nice idea, and it is a good price.  It is not as robust as a more expensive set-up.  I would not use it for day to day use.  I would however use it for kits and to use to give away to friends or to barter.

For a low price water and fire is taken care of.  Add in a knife and you have the basis of a cheap kit.

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