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POSP Fixed Magnification Rifle Scope Manual

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The POSP Fixed Magnification Rifle Scope is commonly found on AK and AK clones.

There are three basic mounting versions. The AK or ‘V’ version will fit any AK-style side rail including AK, VEPR, SAIGA, AK’s manufactured by K-Var, KBI, Hesse, Century, Arsenal USA, etc., WASR, SLR-93, SLR-95, SLR-101, MK-11, SAR, WUM, SA85M, Maddi, Norinco, Poly-Tech and others. On some AK and AK variants, such as the WASR, a side rail may not be preinstalled on the rifle.

The AK version additionally comes in two types, one which screws up from the bottom and connects to the side rail by bending the bottom of the mount up to create a tight fit.

The other type is an eccentric bar with a half moon that is turned 180 degrees to put pressure on the side of the rail. Both are equally effective. The SVD/SKS version will fit any SVD – style rail including SVD, NDM-96, Tigr, and Romak-3/SSG-97/PSL rifles.

On the SKS, it is necessary to install a side rail. Kalinka Optics carries both side rails and mounting instructions for the SKS. The Weaver version will fit any standard Weaver-style or Picatinny rail.

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