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PRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector Review


Portable Projector
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I bought this $99 mini portable projector to use as a backup to my larger projector when I am on the road teaching.  I also figure it will come in useful for car camping trips with the family – I know you shouldn’t bring technology camping, but I have fond memories of watching movies in a campground when my dad was a park ranger.

Either way, its nice to have a small projector that I can use.

This projector is handhold size (7 x 6 X 3 inches) and lightweight(2.4 pounds).  It creates a large screen display up to 120 in. on any flat surface or wall.   With the small size and flexibility you can set it up anywhere.

This mini projector is suitable for home entertainment and children education.Also perfect for parties or camping projection in appropriate dark environment.

You can connect this HD 1080p projector directly to your home theater system; it works with a compatible TV, notebook, gaming console, DVD player or home computer.   You can also use a flashdrive or SD card directly to play back all of your favorite images, videos and audio media files directly.

Connectivity interface includes HDMI, SD card, USB port, 3.5mm headphone, AV input port, VGA port.

This digital projector featuring built-in speakers for sound, it also support to connect an external speakers for a perfect sounds.

LED light source has high brightness and long using life. Low power, low energy consumption, long lasting lamp life(50,000 hours).

Some other technical details of the PRAVETTE Home Theater Video Projector  are:

  • Native Resolution 800 x 480
  • Support 720p & 1080p
  • ±20°keystone with Manual Focus Lens
  • 1200:1 contrast ratio
  • 16::9 aspect ratio
  • 50-100 inches big screen display at the distance of 3ft-16ft
  • Support projection method: Front, Rear and Ceiling mount(Single stand mount)

All of this isn’t bad for a $100 projector. Especially one with prime shipping.

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