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Preparedness Radio Network – Episode #1 Introduction

Preparedness Radio Network - Episode #1 Introduction
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In our opening show we will discuss our goals for the Preparedness Radio Network show, the mindset behind what we are doing, and the background of the host.

We also discuss how David gets his ideas, and he will discuss the newest idea shared with him, which was an easy way to prevent mold growing in the milk bottles his young son likes to hide…

You can download the show to listen later at this link.

l am quite happy to be a host for preparedness radio network.  I hope the show lasts for a while.  I enjoy helping others and I think that podcasting is another way to do that.

One thing I worry about is coming up with enough ideas to keep a weekly podcast and a weekly youtube video without messing up the quality of either.

Luckily there is a lot of information to explore and share.  My goal is that we actually converse and people call in and talk.  I find a two way discussion is much more fun that a lecture.  Besides when people talk they learn more than when a single person just rambles on.

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