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My Prepper Song: Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared


Prepper Song
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My Cousin Sarah Cole helped me with my new Prepper Song. The “Tennessee Twister” theme from iMovie started getting on my nerves.  I decided on doing my own thing.

I came up with the lyrics, and Sarah did her thing to make it jive with the melody. She is a very talented artist. (Check her out on YouTube).  Consequently, I owe her a lot.  She has done a ton of work to help me out.

Furthermore, beside her musical abilities, Sarah has many talents.  She is an author, and has illustrated a couple of my books.  She manages a Tattoo Studio in Mississippi, and manages to bring culture to a small rural town in the deep south.

My idea is to use different verses to setup the various themes of a video.  As an example, the badguys and zombies verse would work for any defense video, and the bees in the cities would work for livestock and gardening.

Feel free to give me any ideas for other verses.

Here are the Lyrics:

If it ain’t one thing then its another,
That’s why I prepare like no other
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

Tornadoes, Wildfires, floods and earthquakes,
Think of all the plans you need to make
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

Badmen, boogy men, zombies too,
We all know what they want to do,
I bought a rifle to help me through
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

Lying politicians and economic disaster,
They all make me prep a little faster
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

Boxes of beans, bullets and bandaids
It feels good to have a full pantry to raid
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

Raising rabbits, chickens and bees
You can even do it the big cities
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepared

I have a plan that fits my point of view,
I’m getting ready, so how ‘bough you,
You don’t have to be scared if you’re prepare


Finally, after a few hundred videos, I decided that I just don’t care about YouTube video Intro music.  Consequently, I have begun making much shorter videos.

Similarly, I decided to just get into shooting the video and getting on with the projects.  Certainly, I find it interesting how things change and adapt as time goes by.  That should not surprise anyone, as this entire website grew from my desire to stop reading and start doing the things I was reading about.  Above all, it seems like I should be thankful I was reading books on survival and not serial killers….



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  1. Susan Nash Susan Nash

    love the lyrics – check the second line of last 2 stanzas
    suggest changing “it” to in and “bough” to ’bout
    I have never been to your website =there is a LOT here

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