How to Pressure Can Homemade Chili


Pressure canning homemade chili
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I like to cook, and because I like to piddle and experiment with things, I really like to cook chili, however, I don’t have a specific chili recipe.  What I have is more of a basic guideline.

I brown the meat with some onions and peppers, and add whatever beans I am in the mood for, as well as tomatoes in various forms and amounts.  The only true thing is that I like to use stew meat, and cook it with spices and beans for a long time….

But sometimes, I don’t have a long time to cook chili, or I don’t want to eat on a big pot of chili all week.  That’s when Pressure canning homemade chili really comes in handy.

Pressure canning chili is simple:

(and you must pressure can it since its low acid)

  • Cook Chili to your taste
  • Prepare jars, lids, and rings as you would for canning anything.
  • Spoon chili in jars to 1 inch headspace
  • Burp jar to remove air bubbles
  • Clean jar for a good seal
  • Can per manufactures instruction for your canner
  • Process at 10 lbs. pressure for 90 minutes. in pint jars
    • (Notice no info for quarts?  That is because it’s hard to find a safe recipe for homemade recipes so I err on the side of caution.)

5 thoughts on “How to Pressure Can Homemade Chili”

  1. Most canners recommend you vent steam for ten minutes before adding the weight. Not exactly sure why but we’ve always done it. The one thing I like about canners without the pressure gauge is that you don’t have to sit and watch them for an hour and a half. Pressure gauges sometimes have to be replaced as well which sucks when you’ve gotten everything prepared and find out your gauge isn’t working anymore.

  2. Enjoyed the chili video. Saw the Benton County 4-H mug in the video. Just wondered if you are from Indiana. I am originally from Monticello and my family still live in the area. I watched the video at my home in Wyoming. I plan to can chili tomorrow. Thanks for getting me motivated.

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