How to Pressure Can Homemade Chili


Pressure canning homemade chili

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I like to cook, and because I like to piddle and experiment with things, I really like to cook chili, however, I don’t have a specific chili recipe.  What I have is more of a basic guideline.

I brown the meat with some onions and peppers, and add whatever beans I am in the mood for, as well as tomatoes in various forms and amounts.  The only true thing is that I like to use stew meat, and cook it with spices and beans for a long time….

But sometimes, I don’t have a long time to cook chili, or I don’t want to eat on a big pot of chili all week.  That’s when Pressure canning homemade chili really comes in handy.

Pressure canning chili is simple:

(and you must pressure can it since its low acid)

  • Cook Chili to your taste
  • Prepare jars, lids, and rings as you would for canning anything.
  • Spoon chili in jars to 1 inch headspace
  • Burp jar to remove air bubbles
  • Clean jar for a good seal
  • Can per manufactures instruction for your canner
  • Process at 10 lbs. pressure for 90 minutes. in pint jars
    • (Notice no info for quarts?  That is because it’s hard to find a safe recipe for homemade recipes so I err on the side of caution.)
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