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How to Make a Roof Top, Pressurized, Solar Heated Shower: H2OT


How to Make a Roof Top, Pressurized, Solar Heated Shower: H2OT
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I saw this over design for a solar heated shower at instructables, and though, man I have to make this.

I am not going to go line for line from the instructable, you can visit it at the link above, but this guy has a genus solution to a problem I have dealt with a lot in my camping experiences.

Speaking of camping experiences, my wife had to drive my truck the other day and realized just what I was talking about when I complain how hot it gets inside my old beater (the windows are inoperative and the AC doesn’t work).  She and I then decided its time to retire the truck from daily driving.

I happened to found a old ford windstar that she reluctantly agreed to let me look into.  If everything goes well I should get it next week.

The idea is that since it does not have the passenger seats I can turn it into a microcamper that we can use to go camping on the weekends as well as let me have some cheap car to drive back and forth to work.

With all the miles I have to commute back and forth to the prison and the Academy, it just doesn’t make since to buy an expensive car just to run up the miles.  Dave Ramsey would approve…

With having this as a camper, having a build in solar heater that was pressurized would be and awesome addition – plus, this instructable looked to be pretty inexpensive to boot.

Just so you know, the main reason I am posting this, besides the fact that I think it is AWESOME, is so I can easily go back and find this later.

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