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Principles of the Broadsword

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Principles of the Broadsword
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The Amazon book to your right is paper copy of the free PDF Principles of the Broadsword listed below.   It is an attempt to recreate the lost art of fighting with a broadsword.  The book is long out of copyright so it was reprinted to be sold on Amazon.  I don’t know the people involved and have no financial interest with them, I just like the document so I gave you options to get it.

Excerpt from Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword

The design of this work in the Broadsword Manual is not to present anything new or original, but simply to give, if possible, uniformity to the exercise with a most important weapon of attack and defense.

The instructions herein contained have formed, during the past two years, part of the Course of Fencing at the Naval Academy; and the good results there attained have induced the author to put the method before the officers of the navy generally.

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