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PRN Episode #8 Interview Covert Prepper

PRN Episode #8 Interview Covert Prepper
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In this episode of the Shepherd School, David talks with James Smith aka The Covert Prepper.

The Covert Prepper has an interesting background, he covertly raised chickens on a small lot gardens without people recognizing the food items, and does all manner of preparedness activities without drawing attention to himself.

While I don’t try to be covert in my prepping, I do see the attractiveness in doing so.

Actually If I had to do it over again I probably would have spent more time working at being anonymous in my work.

Listen to internet radio with Preparedness Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio with this link.

During this podcast We discuss covert gardening, caching, codes, and share some philosophy talk. You can visit him online at his YouTube Channel.


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